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The Debate Continues – Poker Is A Game Of Skill Not Chance

Online poker enthusiasts continue to argue with Congress that the numerous forms of poker are a game of skill, not a chance. When the UIGEA emerged, the entire poker community was somewhat taken by surprise. Online poker rooms and casino operators spoke out against this unjust law in a unified voice. They joined forces because of the right to gamble online from home.

Solutions For The Government

Representatives of the internet gaming industry filed cases against the UIGEA. Bills were continuously brought in and overturned. As the situation continued, the gambling industry provided suggestions for taxation and regulation of online poker. Eventually, these advocates conjured a point that does not apply to online casinos: poker is a game of skill, not a chance.

Poker Is A Game Of Skill Not Chance

As a result of this idea, laws preventing online gambling did not apply to online poker since it is not a game of chance. These groups also pointed out that legislation needs to describe poker as a game of skill. Although they agree some amount of luck is involved in the game, skill is much stronger. The specific argument was that the element of luck dissolves in the long run and skill prevails.

No Claim For Online Casinos

On the other hand, the online casino groups cannot make this claim considering the majority of games they feature are slots, roulette, and craps which are 100 percent luck. Games such as blackjack, video poker, and other forms of poker have skill. This is a major issue as the online casino industry does not want to divide itself from the poker community.

What Will Happen To Online Casinos If Poker Is legalized?

Therefore, the question running through everyone’s mind is what will happen to the online casino industry if internet poker is declared legal and is removed from UIGEA? The momentum built up against the act will disappear. Also, the money raised to fight the administration would also be gone. This is because the number of supports for online poker is much greater than those that support online casinos.

Studies have proven the amount of skill involved in playing poker. When compared to other casino games, poker is superior in the necessity to have skill compared to games of chance commonly found at online casinos. Therefore, the UIGEA may review these findings and legalized online poker rooms which would leave the online casino faction in a great deal of mess.

Online Slots With A Cleopatra Twist

Surprisingly Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, is a popular theme for online slot games. Cleopatra was a woman that was way ahead of her. With Roman Emperor Julius Caesar and Roman General Marc Antony eating out of her hands, she was on top of the world. Cleopatra had such an impact on history; many online gaming manufacturers have dedicated slot game themes to her.

The most popular Cleopatra-themed slot games include:

  • Cleopatra’s Pyramid
  • Cleopatra
  • Cleo Queen of Egypt
  • Cleopatra’s Coins

Created by Vegas Technology, Cleopatra’s Pyramid is one of the most popular themed slot games. The symbols on the reels derive from Ancient Egypt and include a pyramid, ankh, mummy, the sphinx, and a scarab with Cleopatra being the wild symbol which pays out double and 10,000 coins.

This slot game is popular because of the bonus game which consists of players moving a pyramid upwards by selecting one stone from each row. As the player continues to draw credits, they move upwards. Once they draw the asp (snake) the game ends.

WagerWorks has developed a similar game entitled Cleopatra. The symbols are similar to Cleopatra’s Pyramid but with more modern styling. Again Cleopatra is the wildcard with the same payouts except she is more animated in this variant. This game is also separately linked to its total progressive jackpot network, Megajackpots.

The most recent Cleopatra-themed slot game was developed by Cryptologic and is entitled Cleo Queen of Egypt. The graphics in this game are more vivid and portray realistic objects from ancient Egypt. Crazy Jackpots is the most innovative feature of this game. All nine pay lines have independent jackpots associated with them. When five Cleopatra symbols appear for a specific pay line, the jackpot is triggered and the player wins.

Of all Cleopatra-themed slot games, Cleopatra’s Coins by Rival Gaming is the best since the game is focused solely on Cleopatra, not just ancient Egypt. Cleopatra, Marc Antony, and Julius Caesar are symbols on the reels. Other symbols include hieroglyphic images of objects like the scarab and asp that related to Cleopatra’s life. If five asp symbols appear on the reels, 100 free spins are granted. The bonus game requires players to smash urns and reveal the wealth inside of them.

These four variants of slot games are extremely exciting to play. They take traditional slots and kick them up a notch to include various aspects of ancient Egypt and Cleopatra’s life. Each of these games should be played to reveal the fun and excitement.

Side Bet Tips

Many online competitions provide the option of a side bet, especially in poker-based games. The phrase “side bet” is often interchanged with “bonus bet” or other names. For instance, in Microgaming 3-card poker, the phrase is “Pair Plus” because the house pays out if the dealer draws a pair or higher. Side bets have become popular because they add a fun dimension to the game while offering a considerable payout.

Despite their attractive nature, side bets should be approached with caution and knowledge so players are aware of the varying characteristics of these bets. For instance:

  • Side bets have a higher house edge
  • Side bets are typically optional
  • Side bets can be linked to the outcome in the main game

Side bets typically have a higher house edge than the primary game. Therefore, most of these bets should be avoided. However, there are always plenty of players willing to make this bet on the chance of winning a large payout. In many instances, side bets are used to increase the progressive jackpot in a slot game. Remember, side bets are only profitable if they exceed a specific value.

Side bets are usually optional so most casinos present some type of reminder. However, in a few games, the side bet is part of the main game and is, thus, mandatory and automatically placed. If a beginner is not aware of this bet being deducted from their account, their bankroll can diminish fairly quickly.

Similarly, the outcome of the primary game can be linked to the side bet. For instance, the side bet can only win if the player wins in the main game such as in many online Roulette games. However, this is a rare occurrence as the side bet is usually independent of the main game. Also, most sites require the player to finish the main game to collect the side bet. If the player folds, they are not eligible to win the side bet.

Whether side bets are profitable depends on the game and house edge. If players would like to wager the side bet occasionally, this will not significantly deplete their bankroll. However, a consistent side bet wager should only be enacted while playing in a progressive jackpot slot game with a significant pot or if the side bet is limited to a few percentages of the main bet. In these cases, side bets may be profitable.